Privacy Policy

  • This extension will add an overlay to video streams that will show dynamic data related to the user’s Fantasy Football league.

  • No person info is required to use Scrollr. All that is needed is a valid ESPN league ID. 

  • If you are using a private ESPN league you must be logged in to your ESPN account in order for Scrollr to use cookies to access.

  • Scrollr does not keep or store any personal info of users. Users do not even need to specify which team is theirs within the league the select. We have no user log in required. Scrollr does not track user activity, location, web history, etc. 

  • Scrollr does not use any remote code. 

  • Scrollr does not sell or transfer any user data to third parties.

  • Scrollr does not use any data for purposes unrelated to Scrollrs single purpose. 

  • Scrollr does not use or transfer any data to determine creditworthiness or for lending purposes. 

Please email with any questions