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How To Use Scrollr

Tutorial Vid

Scrollr also works while browsing these sites:

Step 1: Add Scrollr to Chrome


Click to find Scrollr on the Chrome Web Store

Don't forget to pin it to the browser!

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 11.03.22
Red Circle.png
Yellow arrow 2.png
yellow arrow.png

Tips / Troubleshooting

  • If Scrollr is not working or acting weird, a page refresh or simply logging out 

  • Scrollr looks best in full screen, so if some of the text is hidden, try viewing in full screen mode. 

  • If you are wanting to watch on your TV via HDMI, we recommend lowering the resolution so that the Scrollr is proportionate. (This is our favorite way to use Scrollr.)

  • Scrollr will not work on other video players or if no video player is active. We are working toward adding more sites. 

Site Specific Tips

  • Fox Sports

    • Scrollr does not show while ads are playing. Once the ads are done you should see Scrollr show up. ​

  • NFL Red Zone

    • It can be tricky to click the "Select Matchup" portion. It can only be clicked when the cursor looks like this  ​

Got Feedback or Questions?

We got ya!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!


We hope you are as excited for Scrollr as we are.  

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